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10 Results

Good Trail Running Shoes For Kids By Under Armour Singapore

It’s no secret that children can put their footwear through a heap of wear and tear. If you’re in desperate need of a pair of good running shoes for kids that will keep up with them wherever they go, Under Armour has a fantastic selection that’ll do exactly that.

Total Support

You need to know that your little one (maybe not so little anymore!) has solid support systems in their footwear. Under Armour’s kids trail running shoes with lightweight heel counters provide an exceptional amount of stability and support for their feet and ankles, giving you total peace of mind.

Downright Durable

We use only the most robust materials to construct our kids running shoes. Singapore’s terrain can be quite mixed, and the textured rubber outsoles on this footwear means whatever surface they’re stepping on, they’ll be able to keep their footing with confidence.

Breathable & Cool

With energy levels that seemingly never end, it’s important to choose good running shoes for kids that allow for their feet to breathe and keep cool when they’re buzzing around all day - something our footwear’s laser perforations and breathable mesh uppers deliver in droves.

Absolute Comfort

The one-piece EVA midsole in these kids trail running shoes will turn ultra-cushioned landings into super-explosive takeoffs and provide your kids with a level of comfort they may well have never experienced before!