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42 Results

Sports Shorts For Men by Under Armour Singapore

Under Armour men’s workout shorts are designed for enhanced athletic performance and maximum comfort during intense workouts.

Durable Mens Workout Shorts For Every Workout

Compression men’s short tights conform to your body with its extremely powerful fit, hugging you like a second skin. Choose the perfect pair from our extensive collection to prevent excessive compression. Our loose-cut designs, like the white men’s UA MK-1 sports shorts, are breezy enough to keep you cool always.

Stay Dry & Focused

Feel fresh and comfortable throughout your workout with a pair of UA sports shorts for men made from lightweight HeatGear® fabric. They are built for all exercise routines, absorbing sweat, so you can stay focused and perform at your best.

Get Your Game On

Sticking to a new working routine or ruling the court becomes easy when you throw on our sports shorts with liner and matching athletic men’s tops. Browse the extensive online catalogue of men’s sports shorts by UA and pair them with our staple t-shirts for your next workout. All available in a range of colours, including seasonal shades!

Built To Move

Under Armour basketball shorts, compression shorts, are made to be comfortable, lightweight & just the right length for the court or the gym. Fabrics wick sweat & dry fast so you stay focused on the game. Shoot. Score. Repeat.


Move With No Restrictions

Our men’s gym shorts with UA Tech™ fabric are incredibly soft, providing a feather-light feel, whether you’re on your last rep or running your last mile. These sports shorts stretch naturally for restriction-free movement.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Let your skin breathe in a pair of men’s sports shorts with an inner mesh liner, which lets moisture escape during workouts. Side panels offer even more ventilation to keep you cool.